Copper Clad Steel Earth Electrodes

Copper Earthing Electrode in India

Made with steel core and a copper exterior to provide increased conductivity and corrosion resistance Adherence of copper to steel rod is achieved through a pioneered bright acid copper plating process using 12 stages using proper current densities, temperature and brightener additives to achieve copper plating with finer grain structure and a smoother, harder and more uniform surface.

Copper bonded Grounding Rods

Copper bonded rod is most widely used as grounding electrodes. Arete manufacture the copper bonded earthing rod with copper coating of 254 micron on MS rod.


  • Prevent corrosion better than Galvanized rods allowing for approximately 30 years’ service life in most of the soil
  • Minimum tensile strength of 85,000 PSI and straightness tolerance 0.01″ per feet

UL 467 approved Copper bonded rods are available in various sizes from 1.0 meter to 4 meter and 10mm to 25mm in diameter.

Applications of Copper Bonded Electrode

  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Substation
  • Data Centre
  • CNC Machine
  • Telecom Industries
  • UPS. EPBAX, FAX etc
  • Railway Signaling
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Robust design
  • Seamless finish


  • Petrochemical, CNG, and Nuclear Facilities
  • Data Centre, Telecom and Broadcasters
  • Process Control and Automation
  • Government, Military, and Defence Substation, Wind turbines
Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity  :  10 Piece

Brand                                     :  Arete

Diameter                               :  10 mm, 14.2mm , 17.2 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm

Length of Rod                       :   1 meter to 3 meter

Material                                 :    Copper coated 250 micron on steel electrode

Approvals                              :    CPRI

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